Frequently asked questions

Will TAPCOM take over the e-commerce side of my business? How much control will I have once my business runs online?

TAPCOM wants to ensure that you are not losing control over your business during this time. This is why we take care of the difficult part (the online startup) for you and then teach you one-on-one on how to use the shopify platform to ensure you do not lose any control. You will then have the option to continue with our monthly services (monetizing/fb ads) or do this part on your own.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

At TAPCOM we have an agreement where we have 30 days to get traffic to your website (of the website being active) and if we do not get any traffic, we will allow you to exit the contract and keep your website free of charge.

Where is this service available?

We provide service internationally to any business in any country.

Why should I choose TAPCOM? How is it different from other digital consulting companies?

Our biggest goal here at TAPCOM is to satisfy our clients. Our service is different from competitors because we have members on our team from all over the world, which allows us to have a great international reach and communication in different languages (French, Russian, Armenian, English). We will also focus on educating our clients on e-commerce, marketing and how to use their website.

Does TAPCOM offer online marketing services?

Yes! TAPCOM offers digital marketing services such as: creation of Facebook Ad Campaigns, implementation of Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics.

Will TAPCOM help my business with social media?

We will help you identify your business’ target audience in detail and create an online brand! Currently, we do not directly manage social media accounts. We specialize in building e-commerce stores and running Facebook advertising. This involves identifying your business’ target audience in detail and creating an online brand around this audience. These are the same principles that apply to successful social media marketing! We can discuss

Will I be able to choose what my website looks like?

Of course! We will cooperate with you on all the decisions we make to make sure that you always get exactly what you have asked for. Here at TAPCOM we believe that communication is key, so you do not have to worry about being uninformed of our actions.

Can TAPCOM help my service-based business?

Yes! We mostly focus on creating Shopify online stores, however if you are a service-based business that really needs our help, TAPCOM can set up a website for you on another platform and help you grow digitally.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods/services online. This type of business allows customers to browse and buy products/services 24/7!

Will TAPCOM increase the number of customers that my business has?

Yes! Having an online store and optimized Facebook Ads will increase the organic and paid traffic to your business, which means that more people will be willing to buy your products!

My business has a website. How can TAPCOM help my business?

TAPCOM can improve your website and optimize it so that your online store receives more paid and organic traffic. This means that we will increase the visibility and attractiveness of your store

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